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가스센서 측정 솔루션


What is the purpose of the measurement?
  • Gas sensor sensitivity : Change in resistance
  • Reaction Rate : Degeneration and recovery time
  • Response to various environmental changes : Gas concentration, Temperature, Humidity Setting time of the initial resistance value of the sensor
System integration using multiple devices
Resistance Range from Ω ~ GΩ
Monitoring the change of resistance according to the change of gas content and temperature
Optionally, a humidity configuration is added Monitoring resistance variation according to humidity change.
Consists of various conditions in a sequence MFC(Gas Flow), Temperature, Duration Time

가스센서 시스템

가스센서 특징

프로그램 주요 특징
  • MFC 유량, 온도를 시퀀스로 설정이 가능 (시퀀스 저장 및 불러오기 가능)
  • 온도, 습도, 유량, 저항의 변화를 시퀀스의 순서대로 실시간 모니터링
  • 실시간 측정 Data 저장 가능
  • MFC, 온도, 습도, Valve 컨트롤 가능
  • Diagram 을 통한 진행상태 확인
  • Customized Software 개발 가능

MFC: PMC-4000
MFC: PMC-4000
  • Input/Output VDC 0~5V (<0.5%)
  • 4 digit LED Display
  • 1 to 6 Channel (Expandable up to 8 Channels)
  • RS-485

Valve Relay: Compile MSB624RA-DC
Valve Relay: Compile MSB624RA-DC
  • Power DCV 24V (Use with SMPS 24V)
  • 8 Relays (Connect Solenoid Valve)
  • RS-232

Furnace Lindberg
Furnace Lindberg
  • Up to 1100℃ (TC K type)
  • Split-hinge design simplifies
  • Safety switch disconnects power when furnace is opened
  • RS-485

Mini Chamber MPS4000
Mini Chamber MPS4000
  • Up to 900℃ (TC K type)
  • Tungsten Probe (Gold Plated), Tip Adaptor (Cu-Gold Plated)
  • Connector Type SMA
  • RS-485

B2912B Precision Source/Measure Unit
B2912B Precision Source/Measure Unit
  • 6V@3A, 20V@1.5A, 200V@0.1A
  • Source and measurement resolution down to 10 fA and 100 nV
  • Current Source Accuracy ±50pA (Max. 3A)
  • Small form factor with USB2.0, LAN, GPIB and digital I/O interfaces